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Clutch replacement

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The total power of the vehicle's engine is transmitted into the gearbox and then to the road wheels. Manual gearbox fitted transmission systems require between the engine and gearbox a device which provides a means of disconnecting the two. This device, the clutch, has hardly changed in principle since the early days of motorised transport and consists of two friction plates pushed together with springs and disconnected when the clutch pedal is pressed.

That said, modern clutch units have gradually become more and more sophisticated and reliable as time has passed but the bad news is that the friction material does wear out and it is then that the driver will notice loss of power with unusual increased engine revs when accelerating. A sure sign of a slipping clutch. Replacement invariably means removing the gearbox and fitting a new clutch kit and in some instances, the hydraulic clutch release bearing. There can sometimes be further complications on late cars which are fitted with dual mass flywheels which often need replacing when the bonding between the two masses deteriorates and breaks up. For a more detailed description, have a look at 'The clutch' on our 'About your car' section of our website.

Whatever the problem with you clutch or drive system, rest assured that Sterling Garage can offer the solution. We only use top of the range clutch kits and never fit refurbished units. All kits used are type approved for the owner's peace of mind.

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