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What we do

We always service to the maufacturers specification and beyond.
All the parts we use are original equipment specification (OE), sub standard low quality parts and oils are never used. We will always provide manufacturer's service parts and quality oils of the correct grade and specification to ensure that any vehicle warranty is maintained.

In 2002, European Parliament took a view that manufacturers forcing car owners to go to main dealers for their service to maintain warranty was too restrictive. An EU law called ‘Block Exemption’, was introduced. It clearly states that all manufacturers must make available the service schedules and on board computer information to all garages. They must also accept parts that are equivalent to the original equipment but not necessarily from the same source. This law was renewed in 2010. We will of course stamp your service book to provide the confidence in our servicing and will, because of this, maintain your warranty.
Sterling garage has full access to manufacturer's specification for sevice items and precise data on such important issues such as oil specification, tyre pressures and other consumables. Service warning lights, another important item, will be reset using the industry standard computerised diagnostic equipment.


Vehicle diagnostic systems

Vehicle analysis using computerised, hand held, technology.

The quality and care of their tools is what marks our technicians, along with the pride in the work they do.
In addition to their personal hand tools Sterling Garage provide state of the art computerised diagnostic equipment for interrogating the data stored in the vehicle's on board computer (ECU) and other specialist tools for setting timing etc.


The technician of today is faced with increasing technology and complexity every time he repairs or services a customer’s car.
It's not unusual today to find even a mid range car with around 15 computers or controllers, these computers control Engine, ABS, Traction Control, Climate Control, Instrument Cluster and many more. Approx 20% of the manufacturing cost of a vehicle is the electronics, wiring and associated systems.
It’s more important than ever for our technicians to be able to make a fast accurate diagnosis of potential and ongoing problems. We use professional equipment provided by industry leaders in automotive diagnostic equipment, to provide us the means to carry out this work.
Sterling Garage's well-equipped workshop is able to instill customer confidence and win new customers whilst retaining existing ones using the top of the range diagnostic products which are the most effective investments we, as an independent workshop, can make for our continued success.

Our automated air conditioning equipment which has full diagnostic facilities to meet the demands of today's motor vehicles and our qualified technicians, can provide both summer and winter checks and allow us to service this important piece of equipment fitted as standard in todays cars.

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