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Timing belts

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The timing belt, also known as the cambelt, is a critical component in most modern engines. It is a part which will wear out in proportion to the vehicle use and mileage. If not replaced at the correct interval along with the associated components, tensioner and guides etc and it breaks or even slips, the results are disastrous, almost certainly bending valve stems and possibly breaking valve guides. In some instances, the repair might outstrip the value of the car.
Manufacturers advise on timing belt replacement periods and Sterling Garage, using their computerised database, can advise its customers or callers looking for assistance, when a replacement is due according to the engine fitted. We are however, not able to determine the way the car has been driven so, if in doubt, replace.



We will use original manufacturer's timing belt kits and work to the manufacturer's published times when replacing.
Specialist tools for timing are used where applicable and fitting is carried out to the vehicle manufacturer's specification.


A set of pistons demolished as a result of a broken cambelt.
Caused by piston contact with the inlet and exhaust valves in the cylinder head.

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